Mediation Scheduling

Ms. Krakow now practices on a part-time basis and therefore is booking only a limited number of mediations. Ms. Krakow’s available dates through December, if any, are listed on this website, and the assignment of mediation dates is being managed exclusively through the process described here. Please therefore do not call or email to request mediation dates.

At the moment, Ms. Krakow is fully booked through December 31, 2023.  If you would like to be placed on a wait list for any cancellations prior to December 31, please fully complete and submit the Mediation Scheduling Request form below.  However, please be aware that you will be contacted only if a date becomes available. 

Ms. Krakow’s available dates for January and February will be posted on this website on November 1.  This means: no dates after December 31 will be offered, booked or released until after November 1.  No exceptions.  

At this time, Ms. Krakow is conducting all mediations by videoconference.

Mediation Scheduling Request Form