Client Quotes

Someone we’ve found to be terrific is Lisa Krakow, a former Paul Hastings Of Counsel who earlier did plaintiff’s employment work and hence seems to have credibility with everyone. She’s brilliant and creative, comes better-prepared than even the two sides, and does not tire in the least no matter how grueling the process is. She is an expert in California employment law. She takes control of the process and does not let renegade attorneys get out of hand. She also doesn’t hesitate to tell parties when they have a terrible case, and she is exceptionally good at educating the parties about the problems they face and what they mean. She definitely is not one of the ‘split the baby’ types who just adds up the offer and demand and divides by two.

You are a rock star! Thank you again for your efforts yesterday. My clients were very impressed and [ ] from [the insurance company] said a few times that you were the best mediator he’s ever worked with (and he’s worked with all the “big names” in California, by the way). I will definitely recommend you to others in my firm, and I will look forward to having the opportunity to work with you again.

I wanted to say thanks again for your outstanding work on the [ ] matter. That you successfully handled the unique challenges that this case presented proves yet again that you belong on the very short list of A+ mediators. I believe that many very talented mediators would not have been able to resolve this case. That you did speaks volumes to your skill, talent, effort and abilities.

Thank you so much for your hard work, sense of humor, sense of fairness and commitment to reaching a settlement . . . This case had many possible barriers to settlement, and while you saw each of them, you also saw ways around, under, over or through the barriers. Your insights were credible and persuasive, and we never felt you ‘just wanted to get this over and get out!’ – which we certainly would have understood! We were all impressed. I have already recommended you to several colleagues, and hope they will be fortunate enough to have your assistance. As I sat there last week, I was thinking of prior unsettled cases and – like a V-8 commercial – lamenting in my mind, “AHH, I coulda had a Krakow!

I just had to tell you that you are a mediator extraordinaire. Although I am not an attorney, I want you to know how impressed I was with you in that mediation . . . It was a pleasure watching you in action. You are brilliant, witty, perceptive and professional and were successful in bringing the case to settlement – quite an accomplishment! [My daughter] said there would not have been a settlement if you were not the mediator. It is apparent to me that you like what you do . . . I want to personally thank you for all of your efforts in helping to conclude my daughter’s case. I will gladly recommend you to anyone in my office who asks for the name of a good mediator. I will tell them that you are not only good, but outstanding. Thank you again for an extraordinary job. It was an honor meeting you.

I wanted to let you know that you were nothing short of phenomenal. This truly is your calling. I will continue to recommend you in every case I have, and I have a feeling [my client] will do the same. [My client] described you as ‘brilliant’ and she is right. You are the best . . . thanks for all your hard work (and I know it was extremely hard work)!

You really exceeded my wildest dreams for the mediation. Going into the mediation, I thought there was a 0% chance the case would settle. I had an emotional, intransigent small business owner and client, and on the other side, an attorney and plaintiff expecting a six-figure settlement . . . Your presentation and explanation of the mediation process, your blunt yet professional ‘reality check’ approach . . . your hard work convincing my client to offer some money, and hard work getting the other side to realize they had serious problems with their case, won the day. I could not be happier.

I remain incredibly impressed at the amount of work you did to get the parties to a settlement yesterday. My client and I came away absolutely exhausted; I cannot imagine how tired you were. Your knowledge of the law is vital to crafting a settlement in technically difficult employment cases like ours. This is particularly true when the client representative is an employment lawyer, as mine is. I have encountered few mediators with your ability to debate the finer points of the law and your willingness to tell us when we were full of baloney. Although I was not in the other room, I have a sense that you were equally good at relating to a plaintiff who was quite invested emotionally in the case. Those things, by themselves, would be more than enough to make anyone in the employment law community come back to you again and again. But the fact that you are such a delightful person made the experience almost fun. Thank you again.

Lisa Krakow was truly awesome . . . Having a mediator with a strong grasp of employment law nuances was crucial for this case.

I can’t thank you enough for your great work yesterday. Your level of preparation, as always, was top notch and you made many good points to give the client a realistic view of the case. He was really impressed with you and told his boss that we should be using you for all their mediations out here. He was not optimistic about this process at the start of the day so you made my job very easy.

I find it extremely rare that you meet talented, educated and personable individuals in our present day society. I must express my deep gratification and enjoyment at not only watching you work during the mediation but your warmth and enthusiasm during the course of the day. Your wit, humor and global knowledge made a tedious and emotional day less stressful and at times enjoyable.

Thank you very much for all your help in resolving the matter we mediated yesterday. This was a difficult and painful event. You demonstrated a superior understanding of the law, an extraordinary patience and understanding, and an incredibly high degree of tolerance for conduct by my client that I myself found extremely offensive. You are a credit to your profession and I sincerely hope we get the opportunity to work together again.

It was — and will be again — my pleasure and privilege to work with a mediator so perceptive, challenging, prepared and dedicated.

I highly recommend Lisa Krakow as a mediator. She settled a very tough whistleblower case for me yesterday. High energy, very knowledgeable, and stayed late. Funny, too.

I just want to reiterate how much we enjoyed working with you. You did a wonderful job with a very difficult case. There is no question in my mind that the outcome was in the best interest of all involved.

I am writing in appreciation for the services you provided as mediator in an employment disputed handled by my office. I have rarely seen such a commitment to the mediation process, nor such a level of preparation.

I was extremely impressed with Lisa Krakow, in front of whom I settled a very difficult employment case . . . Lisa was not only extremely sharp, knowledgeable about the case and tenacious, but she was also able to gain the trust of our in pro per plaintiff . . . I feel strongly that the case would not have settled in front of most other mediators.

Lisa was efficient, effective and very intuitive . . . Lisa is a top-notch mediator.

Thank you for your assistance with our recent mediation. We found you to be, at all times, understanding, insightful and completely professional. You have the rare ability to listen objectively to both sides . . . We recognize the exceptional value that you bring to the mediation process.

I believe that you did an inspired job at the mediation. You were fair, pragmatic, doggedly determined, and incredibly gifted in social dynamics.

Thanks Lisa. As always, your boundless energy and tenacity are greatly appreciated.